A little about me.

By trade, I'm a writer, director, supervisor, video/audio/tech-person of all sorts. When I'm not doing that my mind is consumed with the questions of creating a just society for all. These things often overlap! Chicken-keeping is a particular passion of mine. And I'm not alone. Around the world, chicken-keeping transforms our communities for the better, making us more food secure, sustainable, and connected, happy human beings. I run monthly free chicken-keeping workshops that you can find at the EAC Nova Scotia Chicken Meetup. I also teach, speak, and hold demonstrations on chicken-keeping for adults and children in a variety of circumstances and venues as requested. If you'd like to learn more, feel free to contact me or watch the short documentary below. My advocacy and educational efforts around chicken-keeping and farming in general are offerred free-of-charge, but I also accept donations to fund this work.

Personal Info

  • 902 404 4360
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia

    A few offerings

    Hoping for a Game of Thrones spin-off? Hoping for it to be Canadian? #MaybeTomorrow

    Why have humans brought chickens with them wherever they go - including cities? Take a playful look at two cities (New York and Halifax) that are taking different approaches to chicken-keeping.

    An evening with beloved musician Joel Plaskett, as he lends his talents to the campaign of Robert Chisholm.



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