A little about me.

I'm a videographer, editor, and journalist, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I'm passionate about helping people tell their stories.

I bring a wealth of diverse experience and curiosity to my projects, be that a documentary, journalism, or helping an individual, business, or organization share their passion.

I'm a recent graduate of the Nova Scotia Community College's highly-regarded Radio and Television Arts program. My training spans technical expertise in camera operation, audio, non-linear editing software, motion graphics, and more. I'm also a trained and active broadcast journalist - a creative skill-set that informs and adds to any and every project.

Along with my various freelance endeavours, I'm currently developing a documentary on chicken-keeping, its relationship to tradition and sustainability, and the cities that encourage or prohibit it.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, projects, or story ideas.

Personal Info

  • 902 404 4360
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia


    For more videos or information on the skills and equipment that I bring to the table, send me a message or contact me by phone.

    An engaging video goes a long way. Embedded in a website or pushed out to the public on social media, videos like this one are effective and affordable.

    Get your message out, simply, quickly, and at an affordable cost. Good video and audio quality is noticed: let that add to the impression you're trying to make - not detract from it.

    Capture an event, like this evening with beloved musician, Joel Plaskett - one of three videos made from this concert and rally.



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